Project details

Location: Doha, Qatar

Client: State of Qatar

Gross Floor Area: 78490 m2



From being an element of Doha Corniche Water Front, and by considering the heritage and uniqueness attached to the location, rises the incentive of the project, and the motivational force that pushes towards having a family entertain­ment and recreational destination, at the Dhow Harbor, to carry on its historical baggage, to compliment the sea front, to function as a focal point for Doha, a landmark for a city that is soaring upwards into the realm of the developing world’s most architecturally exceptional cities, but still clings proudly to its cultural roots, introducing them valiantly to the world of business glass towers and concrete forests.

The project requirements of “Creating attraction recreational destination mixed with maritime heritage cultural activities” were the center of our work, as well as the innovation factor and the due respect to the site’s position and to its intended functional role and Architectural “Iconism”.